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Muscle tone is the tension present in the muscles of the body, which enables one to assume different postures against gravity. Sufficient muscle tone provides a base for accurate movements and is required for all motor actions of the body, e.g. walking, grasping a pencil, sitting upright, etc. 

Results of poor muscle tone: 

  • A general delay in development, especially in relation to gross and fine motor skills 

  • Untidy handwriting 

  • Slow working speed 

  • Inability to sit quietly to concentrate for a required period of time 

  • Hyperactive behaviour – moves around a lot in an attempt to build up the tone in the muscles 

  • Often appears tense with frequent headaches and tiredness 

  • The body will increase the size of superficial muscles in an effort to provide more support 

Low Muscle Tone: 

Refers to a child’s ability to reach across the imaginary line down the centre of the body with the arms and legs. 

Results of an inability to cross the midline: 

  • Poor writing patterns 

  • Affected gross motor skills 

  • Insufficient fine co-ordination skills 

Crossing the midline: 

Age requirements

Age requirement

for a...

3 year old

Age requirement

for a...

4 year old

Age requirement

for a...

5 year old

Age requirement

for a...

6 year old



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