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Technology is here to stay, and it is not just educational – it is FUN


Why is JustClick 


At JustClick we use laptops and tablets.

  • Devices are used primarily to instil fundamental skills that will later enhance reading and math skills 

  • Skills are developed incidentally in the learning programme 

  • All programmes and lessons are age-specific, planned in detail, educational, and the results are measureable 

  • Computers and tablets are used as educational apparatus and form part of the toddler’s journey of discovery 

  • Guidance is lovingly and attentively provided by a knowledgeable presenter 




When do Computers and tablets become detrimental? 

  • when the above-mentioned are not adhered to and using the electronic device simply becomes a pleasurable pastime 

  • when toddlers are allowed to repeatedly play the same games at home or even at school and they become  intellectually and emotionally lazy 

  • when toddles spend more than 30 minutes per day on the computer or tablet 

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